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Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2021 11:42:28 -0700 (PDT)
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> So let’s say you plan to build 15 homes that average $200K (and in these days 
> that would be a huge bargain)
> Why not get legal help - which might add $10K to the total cost and would 
> probably save a lot more than that.

If the group is actually ready to hire an architect or purchase land, it makes 
sense. But that may be 2 years down the road from the first burning souls 
finding each other. At that point $10K is a lot of money to invest in a dream 
that will require another 30-40 people to sign on.

Part of my immediate reaction is that my daughter is planning to design some 
websites to see if she enjoys doing it. She mentioned this to a friend who is a 
lawyer and received complicated advice to incorporate and get liability 
insurance before announcing her services. She would need to invest money before 
having any possibility of earning any money and it would be an investment in a 
corporation that might never develop. 

If she is designing non-commercial websites for friends of friends, neither of 
us could figure out why that would be necessary. 

Needing to be incorporated is different from believing that it is good business 
practice or even personal protection. This article on explains what 
kinds of business practices you have to maintain to prove you really are 
functioning as a corporation — keep professional records and bookkeeping, clear 
separation of personal from organizational activities, etc. In the case of 
wrong doing by one member of the corporation, among other things, voids their 
protection from risk.

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