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From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Tue, 15 Jun 2021 21:03:42 -0700 (PDT)
Interesting discussion. As list manager I have a point of view but I
think I'm reasonable... My suggestions are at the end (and in inline
replies below. ) I consider Cohousing-L a community resource and as such
welcome others to help improve it.

I do think there is a danger in getting too popular. We already have
so nmany posts many subscribers finding it overwhelming.  We currently
have great subscribers based on my evaluation of the quality of posts.
I have a bit of fear that we could attract so many people that might
change. We need to attract the right folks.

Diana Carroll (dianaecarroll [at] wrote:

>Googling "cohousing" doesn't bring it up -- maybe the page needs to have a
>little SEO added to it.

Not strictly true that web searches dont find cohousing-L, it's the 108th
hit on such a search with the search engine.
Searching for:
cohousing discussion
gives cohousing-L as the 2nd and 3rd hits.

I encourage anyone who wants to undertake Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
for the list to do so, write me.

BTW the Cohousing-L Info Page could use attention, volunteers for that
are also welcome.

Diana also wrote:
>I see a link to a "listserv". What on earth is a "listserv"? Is that even a
>word? (I know what a listserv is, but it is technical jargon that most
>people won't recognize.) I think it could be added more clearly and more
>prominently to the home page.

I think what she was refering to is that there is a link named
"Listserve" in the footer at the bottom of most pages at . I agree that if we got it renamed to
"Discussion" that would be better.

The word "Listserv" (capital L and one e) is a registered trademark
that I consider to have been become (with lower case L) generic.
Wikipedia redirects "listserve" to
It's a bit archane but it is shorter and more specific than alternatives.

I try to describe Cohousing-L as an online discussion conducted as a
listserve or some such.

Katie Henry (katie-henry [at] wrote:

>I have to agree -- I don't know how people find Coho-L. It's mentioned on
> but you have to dig to find it.
>It's not mentioned at all on the two CohoUS Facebook pages that I'm aware of.
>In fact, I just realized there are two Facebook pages. What's the difference?
>I've belonged to the second one (the group) since it was created, but to be
>honest it's not a very effective resource for finding other cohousers and
>discussing issues. It's mostly seekers complaining that cohousing is expensive
>and undiverse.
>I would suggest putting a link to Coho-L front and center on both of those
>Facebook pages, in the first line of the About section. I don't know if
> there's a turf/competition issue here, but burying Coho-L is not doing
> the movement any favors.

Sure, get cohousing mentioned on Facebook pages. Volunteers? I'd be
happy to add a reference to Facebook page(s)? on the Cohousing-L info

BTW I think cohousing is too expensive and "undiverse". I think we
should be upfront about that and keep talking about how to overcome

I am not aware of much "turf/competition issue here" but of course
as the well established discussion that is esy to say.

Maggi (librarymaggi [at] wrote:

>Listservs are definitely outmoded (they were a decade and a half ago).

I prefer to discribe listservs as well established or proven.  Tho they
have numerous disadvantages but they have several advantages as well
(it comes to subscribers who regularly check their email rather than
them needing to check for messages and email is better for more in-depth
discussion than some venues.)

There is a web based cohousing discussion tho it has not caught on:

>The list is, however, a treasure trove of information. I spent many
>months reading the archives in the late 90s. I don't think you're
>likely to lure in anyone younger than me, though, and I'm in my 40s.
>Maybe it's time to shift platforms.

I have no inclination to migrate Cohousing-L to a different platform.
There is room for lots of different venue discussions.

So finally here are my suggestions and I welcome and encourage volunteers
to make them happen.

1) get the footer link on pages changed from "Listserve" to
"Discussion"  Thanks, Diana, for pointing this out.

2) get a link to cohousing-L (in addition to the one in footer) on

3) get a link to cohousing-L on as many cohousing communities' web pages
resource (or similar) pages. It is on some.  The effort to do so by
contacting them could also serve to inform the about the list.

4) If there is a standard reply to inquiries to Coho-US about forming
new communities, try to get cohousing-L mentioned in it.


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