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From: Henning Mortensen (
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2021 09:16:51 -0700 (PDT)
The fact that the cohousinglife never amounted to much underlines the power
that the cohousing-l community has. For whatever reason, likely associated
with a historical need that was met, cohousing-l has been a success.
Cohousing-l has a community of really good people and unless that community
agrees to move to something else, it makes it very hard for any other form
of discussion to take place online. Every new attempt will have the
criticism that all the good conversations happen on cohousing-l. And we
must not minimize the work that Fred Olsen has done to nurture and moderate
the list for so many years. People subscribe to cohousing-l for the
conversations that occur there.

Is there room for improvement? Sure. But we have to very careful. I like
the idea of moving to
Reasons include
         - it is a small incremental change, It is a modern implementation
of a list serve. You still subscribe to groups. You can get a digest of
messages if you wish. You can create subgroups and private groups, open
groups and announcement-only groups.
          - You interact with it through emails, just like a listserve
          - Every email is logged in the system and you can search through
email using a web site.
          - The administration of groups is done through the web site.
          - There are many add-ins, for things like calendars, photos,
databases, wikis
          - They use hashtags as a way of grouping similar topics together.
          - They even import emails for other systems, though I am not sure
if they do listserv.
          - we should be able to import a member list and start conversing

However, any change needs to be done with consensus from everyone, or it
will fail. What we definitely don't want is to splinter the group into
multiple new groups as each tries to gain acceptance from everyone. One of
the reasons cohousing-l has lasted so long is that it is very hard to
change directions. Every change carries with it the risk that we undo the
magic pixie dust that makes this work, where other better solutions have

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