Re: Important: Encourage people to join the list
From: Maggi R. (
Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2021 19:35:50 -0700 (PDT)
This. This is what I meant. People don’t look for list archives, they go to 
Reddit and use Google to search web pages (for which the quality of the 
archiving is entirely dependent on the quality of the tagging).  We should have 
a subreddit and a Discord server (There already exist some quality FAQs on web 
pages.) I’d be willing to host a Discord server about cohousing, but I don’t 
know anything about moderation of subreddits. 

Sure, this list is useful—to us. Not for advertising cohousing, or answering 
the questions of new folks. 

I’m not saying shut down the list. If its intended purpose is to help solve 
cohousing-related problems, we can probably draw in more readers by advertising 
the list with existing cohousing groups—but then people might leave because 
they don’t really use email anymore (or because the formatting is bad, there’s 
too much extraneous text, it doesn’t thread well, and its hard to find the 

> On Jun 16, 2021, at 6:53 PM, Diana Carroll <dianaecarroll [at]> 
> wrote:
> I just discussed this with a small focus group (namely, my 21 year old
> son.) It went something like:
> "If you were interested in diving deep on a new topic and you wanted to
> have discussions with other folks on the subject, where would you go?"
> "Reddit".
> "And if there was no sub-reddit for it?"
> "*shrug* I'd give up and just Google for information. Or maybe see if there
> was a YouTube channel or a Discord."
> "What if you found there's an email list on the subject."
> "A what?"
> "You discuss stuff with a whole group of people by emailing back and forth
> through email."
> "That's a thing? Um. No, I can't imagine needing to talk about it THAT bad.
> (pause) Seriously, you're pulling my leg, right?"
> "Oh come on, really? We use an email list in Mosaic all the time, that's
> how we discuss policies and what's going on in the community and so on."
> "Yeah, I've heard people talk about 'the email list' but I had no idea what
> it meant."
>> On Wed, Jun 16, 2021 at 5:01 PM Karen Gimnig <karencohous [at]> 
>> wrote:
>> Thanks to Sharon for starting such an important conversation, and to Fred
>> both for providing this space to have such discussions and for your
>> suggestions.
>> As the Communications Director for CohoUS, it seems like I should chime in
>> here.
>> First, let me say that I really appreciate all the feedback and suggestions
>> relating to how the website and/or FB pages could be adapted to better
>> support Cohousing-L  I think I've captured them all and we will consider
>> them.
>> Note: For feedback about the website, FB Page and FB group, it is more
>> reliable to send it directly to me at karencohous [at] than to post
>> it
>> here.  As much as I appreciate this discussion forum, there are some days I
>> miss reading it, or skim over things.
>> There is NOT a turf war between CohoUS and Cohousing-L, or anyone else in
>> support of cohousing.  CohoUS is a gathering point and clearinghouse, a big
>> tent that welcomes all.  We love Cohousing-L for all the wonderful things
>> that it does. We also appreciate the power of other platforms for different
>> things.  And we have limited capacity (very small staff) and are careful of
>> what we take on maintenance for. We are careful not to attempt to do or be
>> everything for everyone.
>> There was a question about FB and why there are two FB identities for
>> CohoUS.  They are:
>> Cohousing Association of the US - a curated organization page. We post
>> things there that are of interest to cohousers, as well as events and other
>> activities of CohoUS. All are welcome to comment, but only our admins can
>> post (which means more info and less marketing).  You may encourage this to
>> show up in your feed by liking the page.
>> Cohousing US - is an open-to-all FB Group.  This is a space where anyone
>> can post anything they like.  In that way it's more like this listserv. Our
>> hope was/is that for folks who prefer a FB format to a listserv format, it
>> would serve a lot of the same function as cohousing-L. That said, it is
>> certainly not yet the case that the same sort of wisdom and experience is
>> posted there that can be found here.  We shall see how it develops.
>> Lastly, a word about other platforms: I think you all have demonstrated
>> quite nicely the diversity in communications preferences among cohousers.
>> As I work with forming groups, I can tell you that diversity is only
>> growing.  I know of not-yet-moved-in groups that use google groups,
>>, Slack, FB, mosaic, and a list of names in the "to" line of an
>> email, for their internal communications, and in some cases more than one
>> of those.  I'm betting that in each of those groups, we could find someone
>> who wishes it was something else and someone who loves it the way it is.
>> Cohousing is a very big tent with room for all.  CohoUS would welcome the
>> addition of a new platform for discussion and would be happy to share it as
>> best we can.  Meanwhile, I think it is highly unlikely that any platform
>> will attract the number, experience and quality of writers we have here any
>> time soon. I so appreciate you all!
>> Keep those ideas coming, and in the meantime, thank you for all you do to
>> support one another and the growth of cohousing.  I can't tell you how
>> often folks send us questions and we refer them to all of you.  You are one
>> of the most precious resources cohousing has.
>> --
>> Karen Gimnig
>> Communications Director
>> The Cohousing Association of the US
>> 678-705-9007
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