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Hi all, this has been very informative, thank you. I didn’t even
know there was a FB page until reading it here and now I’m on it.

As a newer person I wasn’t told about these resources (internet
connection with other Coho’s) directly. Maybe I’ll talk to our
membership team about it being part of the new member paperwork. I had
heard “listserve” from one or two people and had no clue what that
meant along with other terms when I started cohousing. It’s all a
bit overwhelming when new so a lot got lost for me at first. Recently
I got interested and figured out how to join but I couldn’t tell
anyone else how to right now haha. I’m imaging there’s others who
might just not know what “listserve” means or remember how to
access it or maybe feel it’s too much to take on and learn. Maybe
I’ll send an email to our community seeing if anyone is interested
now that I know what it is and how to describe it.

For myself I find the threads hard to keep up with and follow. I am
used to FB where topics are clear and comments are easy to track. But
that’s just my view. I’ll have times I can check and times I skip
it all with this format. I’ll check the FB page now though. Maybe
it’s similar discussions.

I liked Evas questions. Thanks for offering that Eva.

Glad this exists as I’m enjoying learning and sharing things and
meeting people and getting resources.

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