Two Free Sociocracy Overview Classes - Jul, Aug; 10-Week Sociocracy Training, Sep 4
From: Diana Leafe Christian (
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 13:59:07 -0700 (PDT)

I'm doing two free 90-minute to 2-hour Sociocracy Overview Classes — Tuesday 
evening, July 27 and 29, and Saturday morning/midday, August 7 and 14 — to 
offer a brief "taste" of sociocracy for cohousers and two sociocracy meeting 
processes you can use right away, no matter which governance and 
decision-making method you use now.

     1st class: Tues, Jul 27 - Sociocracy Overview and Proposal-Forming
     2nd class: Thurs, Jul 29 - Feedback Questions in Proposals
            5-7pm Pacific, 6-8 pm Mountain, 7-9 pm Central, 8-10 m Eastern

    1st class: Sat, Aug 7 - Sociocracy Overview and Proposal-Forming
    2nd class: Sat, Aug 14 - Feedback Questions in Proposals
            10 am-noon Pacific, 11 am - 1 pm Mountain, noon-2 pm Central, 1-3 
pm Eastern

Here's a short Sociocracy Overview video:

10-minute video - "Seven Parts" of Sociocracy

To receive two basic Sociocracy Overview handouts,
   "Four Benefits: Why Communities Like Using Sociocracy," and 
   "Sociocracy: 'Effective, Efficient, and Fun'," 
email [at] with the subject line, "Two Handouts." 

To register for the two classes, email [at] and 
let us know which set of classes you'd like to take. You'll get the Zoom link 
and handouts before each class, and additional handouts after each class.

In the first, Proposal-Forming class we'll practice with a template format 
which helps cohousing communities make well-crafted, thorough proposals. You'll 
see how creating new proposals can be easy and fulfilling. 

In the second, Feedback Questions class you'll see how including Feedback 
Questions in proposals shows community members how well their proposal works 
"in real time" after they've implemented it. Doing this in proposals can also 
help reduce conflict during the decision-making process too. Whew!

My next 10-Week Online Sociocracy Training for cohousers and people in other 
kinds of communities starts Saturday, Sep 4 and runs through Nov. 7. 10-12 am 
Pacific/1-3pm Eastern. 

The course includes clear instructional videos, colorful handouts, short 
"Hobbit Theater" skits that demonstrate each sociocracy meeting process, lively 
online practice sessions with other participants, and an optional Sociocracy 
Buddies program, which past course participants have especially loved. 

The course is designed so that when a group takes it together they understand 
each part of sociocracy well enough to start using it each week as they go 
along, and by the end of course they're using sociocracy successfully. It's 
also designed to inspire and empower individual members of a group as well as 
people interested in community who aren't currently in a group.

For more information about the Sept 4 - Nov 7 Online Sociocracy Training, and 
testimonials from happy past course participants, please email [at]

Thank you!

Diana Leafe Christian


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