Re: How many community meetings to make a decision?
From: Hafidha Sofia (
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2021 21:14:18 -0700 (PDT)
I would echo much of what Muriel said. And add: self governance is time 
intensive, and the more activities or work we do, the more planning and 
communication time required… most meetings are either for info sharing about a 
thing that’s going on or for planning a thing we want to happen.

 Songaia has a monthly ”house” aka community meeting that has a set agenda 
related to the community’s state of affairs; those meetings are organized by a 
committee (which meets monthly to set the agenda). 

And then there’s a second monthly meeting called the community circle that has 
a very flexible format and wide range of topics; circles generally provide 
space for ongoing community praxis and skill building — usually related to 
communication, conflict, trust, etc. We might skip 1-3 circles per year (esp in 
summer) but we don’t skip house meetings.

Our community is very active and does a lot so there are many committees and 
task forces of 3-12 people who need to meet anywhere from weekly to twice a 
year to keep the community running, to foster communication, to plan 
celebrations, to manage facilities, and to handle the legal and financial 

We also have round tables, which are optional, but a way for topics and 
solutions to be explored and temperature checks taken. For example, we had 
round tables recently to talk about how we felt about covid precautions post 

Separate from that is groups that gather for an activity or identity, like the 
meditation group, women’s group, people of color group, book study groups, etc.

I moved to a cohousing community in part so i wouldn’t need to drive anywhere 
to have a rich social life. 😁

Songaia, WA
now an associate (non resident) member

> On Jul 13, 2021, at 7:55 PM, Maggi R. <librarymaggi [at]> wrote:
> How many meetings does your community have each month? How many meetings does 
> it typically take to make a decision on a topic from beginning to end? 
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