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From: Elizabeth Magill (
Date: Fri, 16 Jul 2021 06:32:51 -0700 (PDT)
I know nothing of Cohousing names. And I am trying to do some legal things
at a church that 150 years ago formed with a legal name they have never
used. And we can’t do the legal work with out figuring out what our legal
name *is*. Hours of work. Like 50-60 hours.

So do something that keeps the legal name in some people’s hands and minds
as many years go by.

Mosaic commons Cohousing in Berlin ma.

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> As Bay State Commons anticipates the completion of our building, we're
> also exploring changing our name. In this connection, we'd like to ask a
> question about naming — specifically, about the relationship of a coho's
> legal name on condo documents to the name it's known by publicly.
> Apparently it's common cohousing practice for a coho's public and legal
> names to be basically the same (e.g., XYZ Cohousing in public,  XYZ
> Condominium on the condo docs). In our case, we're also exploring the
> alternative: having the legal name on condo docs be different from the name
> we're known by publicly. So we'd really appreciate feedback from other
> cohousers.
> Is this also fairly common practice among cohos? If your community's legal
> and public names are different, could you share why you did it this way,
> and do you have any words of experience or advice to share? Also, did you
> decide to make any legal provision for your public name — e.g., a separate
> LLC, registering it as a Doing-Business-As name, or such? (State laws will
> vary, of course.)
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