Re: Info Management for a building Coho
From: Sean Davey (
Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2021 07:02:37 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Stu,

if you're looking for a unified system for handling documents and many other 
things for your community, you might consider Mosiac.

The software, hosting, modifications, and new features are all free. There are 
also self-hosting options and everything is open source.

Here are some of the features:
        • facebook-like news feed
        • unlimited calendars with reminders and sign ups
        • contact list of people and households with bios and pictures
        • groups/teams/committees with calendars, documents, minutes, etc.
        • support for subgroups (useful for sociocracy)
        • unlimited email lists
        • document storage and organization
        • decision making module with support for proposals, agendas, meetings, 
online voting, history, etc.
        • work tracking
        • photo gallery
        • online discussions
        • online surveys
        • notices ("For Sale", "Free Garden Produce", "Free Items", "Help 
Wanted", "Help Available", "Wanted to Buy", "Wanted for Free", "To Trade")
        • shared lists (e.g. lost and found, recommendations, recipes, movies)
        • full accounting system (with automatic invoicing of meals, guest room 
usage, HOA dues, etc.)
        • common meal calendar integrated with accounting and full reporting
        • private household pages with contacts, notes, recipes, todo list, 
accounting history, common meal history
        • private household calendars

Please let me know if you have any questions.


> I am looking for cohousing communities that have recent experience in
> creating a system for file management and online file archiving. If that's
> you, here are my questions:
>    - How do you archive your records and other files?
>    - Are the files under the care of one individual?
>    - How do you educate old and new members on how to store and retrieve
>    items?
>    - Do you have an Information Management team -- which in my mind would
>    not exactly be an IT team, but more like a document management team or
>    library team perhaps with 2 members.
> Background:  Our community, Washington Commons in West Sacramento CA,
> expects to break ground in spring 2022. We currently have 22 households
> with 33 individuals who are scattered about the US. We will be adding more
> over the next year. We now have 4 standing teams -- Development, finance &
> legal, Process, Membership & Marketing, and Steering.  We are archiving all
> the community and team files in Dropbox. We also use Google sheets for our
> meeting agendas and some meeting notes.
> Our system has developed organically, not with any forethought or expert
> advice.  Some members don't/can't use Dropbox. Not everyone has a google
> account. Our members possess a wide range of tech/internet and document
> management skills from almost none to medium--high.  We probably should
> create an FAQ doc on this topic for our incoming members.
> Stu Pettygrove
> gspettygrove [at]
> Washington Commons

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