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Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2021 10:10:04 -0700 (PDT)
You'll want a Professional Liability policy or rider. These are most commonly issued as riders to existing P&C policies, but it is possible to buy them solo. Your development company might be able to negotiate a better rate than a stand-alone, and you would just need their insurance company to list you as a "named insured" ... which can also be made specific to a particular project, if they have more than one. Whether or not they would agree to do that depends on how closely integrated you are as entities. It could be set up as a temporary arrangement. You really need to talk to an agent who's familiar with the whole situation. Maybe ask for a Zoomie with the development company's insurance agent to ask advice. Once you have your own P&C insurance, you can replace a stand-alone or your development company's rider with your own amendment to a P&C contract.
Best of luck!

Mary Cooke-Baker

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We are working closely with a development Company who is providing most of the funding during the construction phase of our community.

We are also set up as a legal Society and have a Board of Directors who will soon be passing resolutions on financial matters.

Before talking to insurance experts, I wanted to ask if anyone has experience purchasing insurance for either of the two situations outlined above.

I am particularly interested in considerations and recommendations re. liability insurance during pre-construction phase, when the Board is passing resolutions and making decisions about borrowing and loaning money.

Janey Harper
The Coastal Village
Sechelt, BC, Canada

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