Separate Unit available in Coliving Community in Oakland - families welcome!
From: Lucy Tafler (
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2021 14:23:01 -0700 (PDT)

I hope this isn't off topic.  We have an adjacent  separate 2 room plus
kitchen apartment available in our beautiful, established co-living,
multigenerational community in Piedmont / Oakland CA. Details below, feel
free to reach out if you might be interested.


Photos available here

The Zesty Manor has a few openings in our wonderful cooperative home in the
Crocker Highlands / Piedmont area, starting between July-September 1
(flexible).  We are a child friendly community that values cultivating
friendship, openness, connection, fun, playfulness, and good communication.
In non-Covid times, we’ve hosted many events in our communal space
(concerts, readings, dancing, dinners).

The Available Space:
The Apartment.  Available now! This space is attached to the common areas
of the house, and has two rooms connected by a walk-through closet, small
kitchen, and private bathroom (shower only, no tub though you can use tubs
in other bathrooms) It’s currently arranged as 2 bedrooms, shared by a
couple and a kid but you could easily set up a home office or craft room or
anything else. Pet-friendly. It has its own entrance as well as being
accessible from the main part of the house.  Rent for this space is 1400.

Accessibility: 4 steps up to the front of the house. Apartment is on the
ground floor but the bathroom of the apartment is down a flight of stairs.
Both interior rooms are on the 2nd floor. We are not currently a low/no
scent house.

The House
The rest of the house is big and airy with an enormous amount of
common space, and very nicely sound-isolated (great for living with
kids!).  There’s good outside space, gardening options, basement for
storage, fireplaces, workshop, elliptical, hot tub, and a treehouse, among
many delightful surprises.

Who We Are
We're 5 adults (in 30s and 40s) and 2 kids aged 1.5 and 2.5.  Our varied
interests include music, cooking, social justice, dance, theater, board
games, spirituality, building stuff, reading, and psychology. We love
coming together through shared activities and creativity.  Countries of
origin include Austria, Britain, Pakistan, and the US. Six of the seven
people are Caucasian, one is Southeast Asian. There are two cis-women and
three cis-men (not including the 1 and 2 year olds in case you're adding,
who have yet to make their gender identities known)
We’ve been around for 8 years so we do have a lot of functional systems
worked out including a weekly shopper (now online shopping since Covid)--so
you may never have to shop again!  We also have a weekly house meal, cooked
by two people, meetings twice a month, and other chores divvied up.

Who You Are
Experienced in communal living and excited about living with kids even if
you don't have any of your own!  We are seeking to build chosen family. You
have energy to contribute towards building the community both in emotional
and more tangible ways.  You are skilled at communicating about challenges
and differences, and are excited to bring humor and playfulness to the
process. We welcome applicants of all ages, races, genders, sexual
orientations, etc.

Raising Kids Together
Living with children cooperatively takes some special sensitivity and
cooperation beyond the usual living together; we’re happy to talk about
parenting styles and other situations.

The Covids
Following local health guidelines.  Adults in the house are vaccinated
(assuming you are too!), but the kids won’t be for a while, so it takes
some care to keep everyone safe.  Happy to chat about how we coordinate
that together.

Financial Nitty Gritty
Shared food + utilities is about 500/month per adult which seems like a lot
but this is all the food you need (lots of organic and omnivore), and we
get folks' individual favorites (we don’t just share house staples).  Also,
heating this old large house is costly in the chilly months.  Also includes
biweekly house cleaners. Kid's contribution starts at 25% at age 2 and goes
up gradually with age.

If that sounds interesting, send a message sharing a little about
yourselves and what your favorite parts of community living are!

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