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Bob Leigh,
Professional Liability is a broad category of amendment insurance that only covers professional decisions. The category includes specialist policies for boards, executors, bankers, etc. Someone being injured ON THE PROPERTY would fall under a basic P&C (Property & Casualty) package.

Mary Cooke-Baker

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Hi Janey,

Will you already own the land when you begin to build on it?  If so, please
consider (and ask your lawyer) whether or not you might be liable for
occurrences involving the land.  For an outrageous example, what if an
intruder is injured while trespassing?  Maybe liability insurance is not so

Bob Leigh
Cornerstone Village Cohousing
North Cambridge MA

On Mon, Jul 26, 2021 at 3:42 PM Janey Harper <jkharper [at]> wrote:

Thanks to those of you sharing information and advice.

So far the companies which I have contacted here in Canada refuse to offer
ONLY liability insurance for directors; they require us to purchase
insurance for the as-yet-not-built assets as well!

It would be great if any cohousing communities in Canada could provide me
with leads to a Canadian insurance company who would
provide just the directors' liability insurance until we need the other.

This has been quite the learning experience.


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Hi Janey,

I suggest that you interview a couple of insurance agencies that specialize
in commercial insurance.  Tell them you are looking for education and then
you will be purchasing appropriate insurance.   There are policies
specifically designed to cover board (director?s)   liability.
In the future you will be purchasing insurance to cover your community
properties and community liabilities, so it is worth their time to talk

We also found it useful to talk with our attorney about community and board

Quimper Village

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> We are working closely with a development Company who is providing most
the funding during the construction phase of our community.
> We are also set up as a legal Society and have a Board of Directors who
will soon be passing resolutions on financial matters.
> Before talking to insurance experts, I wanted to ask if anyone has
experience purchasing insurance for either of the two situations outlined
> I am particularly interested in considerations and recommendations re.
liability insurance during pre-construction phase, when the Board is
resolutions and making decisions about borrowing and loaning money.
> Thanks
> Janey Harper
> The Coastal Village
> Sechelt, BC, Canada
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