Re: Electric Car usage in communities
From: Henning Mortensen (
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2021 20:46:38 -0700 (PDT)
Thank you Muriel,

We have all outlets in our parking garage charged to our common electrical
charge, so when I plugin I am upping the usage by charging and I offered to
pay for it. We are just very confused about how this should be handled.
What happens when other larger battery cars (ie. tesla's and such) also
join the community and demand more than a 110v plug.

I applaud your community for thinking ahead and getting ahead of the curve.
We have a level 2 charger installed but then assigned parking so the
charger is not available to me.

btw we have been calculating KWH = battery size (24kwh) * (charge out -
charge in) * .95 charger efficiency
For my car this has resulted in calculations that correspond to a
kill-o-watt meter and a charge monitoring program from our power company.
I keep track of when I charge, the mileage on the car and the charge level
out and it)

I am glad to hear that your community saw the future need and invested in
charging infrastructure. I am going to assume that the investment is being
recouped through charging fees beyond just the electricity used.

On Tue, Jul 27, 2021 at 9:01 PM Muriel Kranowski <murielk [at]> wrote:

> Why the consternation? Is it because your neighbors are all paying for your
> car's electrical charging?
> My community made a large investment (being paid back over several years)
> to install high-level charging stations in several locations. The initial
> installation was completed just a few months ago and the project is still
> being rolled out. What I just wrote is all I know about this so don't
> bother asking me for details, but it should be great for current and future
> EV owners.
>     Muriel at Shadowlake Village

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