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From: Lyn Deardorff (
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2021 09:00:31 -0700 (PDT)
Our meals area being well attended, perhaps the "pent-up" need to get out and 
socialize more after the pandemic.  First, could it be an issue with COVID etc? 
 Are the majority of your residents vaccinated?  We have a high vaccination 
record here, and I think that is very reassuring for socializing within the 
community.  If not,  that could be a factor in attendance.

Our meals team also sponsors Wednesday morning coffee with goodies contributed 
by the residents (we have some good bakers here, but others bring store-bought 
too).  And we do a "Happy Hour" once a month which is very informal.  Again 
this is contributions by residents.  I will add that much of the drinking is of 
the non-alcoholic type, accommodating us seniors who have various reasons for 
less imbibing than in the past.  And we just did a Sunday brunch that was also 
fabulous.  Again, food contributions by residents.  In all cases, not everyone 
who comes brings something or even needs to.  That makes it easy for folks to 
just show up.  The 25% of or so who do is enough for everyone, and helps keep 
our meals budget down.  Generally our only Meals  expense is our 
once-a-month-dinner cooked by volunteer resident "chefs", supplemented by 
potlucks and the above events.  

Lyn Deardorff
Sand River Cohousing
Santa Fe, New Mexico

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We started common meals back up after covid but they aren't being that well 
attended.  I would like to jump start our common meal program and am wondering 
what are some fun creative things other people have done with common meals.  
Let's have a fun brainstorm and maybe other communities are having the same 
problem and need some new ideas. Thanks for sharing some fun ideas.
Heartwood Cohousing 

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