Cohousing Over Time Keynote and Session 1
From: Laurie Lauer (
Date: Tue, 3 Aug 2021 10:06:32 -0700 (PDT)
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Keynote: Sky Blue

Embracing Change: The challenges and possibilities of established communities

Becoming a stable, established community is something to celebrate. It can also 
bring a whole slate of problems that may not pose an existential danger, but 
can drain the life out of a community. This doesn’t have to just be the way it 
is. If we come together and embrace the challenge a whole new world of 
community is possible.

Session 1

Adopting Sociocracy/Dynamic Governance in an Established Community
Jerry Koch-Gonzalez
How can an established community transition from consensus decision-making to 
dynamic governance/sociocracy? What are the potential benefits? What are the 
potential challenges?

Changing Feelings About Workshare
Sharon Villines
In my 25 years of studying and living in cohousing, I have drastically changed 
my view of workshare. Initially I was wedded to the idea of measuring and 
reporting time. I tracked my work on spreadsheets. I designed a database, 
defined jobs, estimated hours, etc. In the end I was the least interested in 
filling out my forms. But workshare was finally going very well at Takoma 
Village. What was working?

Kids and Co-housing: How to Prevent the “Us versus Them”
Kellie Teter and Adam Allemen
What can Co-housers do to avoid the kids and adults being at odds, with an “us 
vs. them” sentiment? Learn how we have become more skilled at incorporating our 
children and young people into decision making, into community building, and 
generally managing our adult anxieties about the life and well-being of what we 
call “our children”, in order to improve the lives of all our members.

“I love them, but…” Constructively Addressing Values Differences & Conflict in 
Georgia Handforth
This is a structured discussion designed to explore the experiences and 
concerns of longtime cohousers, those seeking community, and everyone in 
between around how to navigate conflicts and values differences in community. 
We will draw on lived experiences to practice communication and coaching skills 
that can be brought back to home communities.

Laurie Lauer
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