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> Sharon, this is so interesting. Will you put this in a blog post? 

Thank you, I will. 

One point I forgot — apparently there isn’t good research on the question of 
whether people really prefer single family homes. He found clear evidence that 
they actually don’t if multi-unit housing of the same quality is available. He 
believes that the bias toward free standing homes is a product of two 
industries: real estate agents, developers, and management companies who make 
more money selling free-standing homes and thus promote them as the best of the 
best. Firms that specialize in rental apartments have been sources of spreading 
rumors about how badly condos are self-governed and the hazards of talking to 
your neighbors. “Rent here and we will take care of you.” 

The move to the suburbs was triggered by declining city infrastructure, 
popularity of cars, and the baby boom after WW II. 

> I remember finding it strange in Europe that some people lived in upscale
> hotels but I hear many people are living in hotels since they are cheaper
> than retirement communities - that's now here in the US.

There was an article in the NYTimes a few years ago about the city as an ideal 
place to retire. That is where you will find all the services that are 
available in retirement communities — except golf courses. Full spectrum health 
care is there. A wide variety of free and low cost entertainment as well as the 
most expensive. A wide variety of inexpensive ethnic restaurants, etc. 

Look at the things that are most expensive for you — are they necessary if you 
aren’t working full time. Just because you are in the city, you don’t have to 
dress up. Or have a car. Or travel during rush hour. The idyllic isolated 
cottage looks nice in technicolor with a sound track but in real life it can 
take on some smelly, dangerous, and boring stuff.

Sharon Villines, Editor & Publisher
Affordable Housing means 30% of household income
Cohousing means self-developed, self-governed, self-managed

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