Re: TWO proposed Greek cohousing communities
From: Pare Gerou (
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2021 16:00:58 -0700 (PDT)
Thanks Fred,

And sorry Jill-- I appreciate the clarification and am disappointed too
about the confusion.  Mr Nuckolls was a former volunteer for Greek Village
Cohousing, and he liked the idea so much that he borrowed the materials and
idea while in our group and soon published an identical sounding project in
his own name and using all the keywords I had shared with him.  He then
published a Facebook page in our exact name, which added to the confusion,
and he created an LLC in our exact name that further added to the
confusion.  I personally have never heard of a cohousing community treating
another this way.  Luckily, at this point the FB page and LLC name in our
exact name is down, but he created separate FB pages with every possible
keyword linked to his primary page, and that has caused an unnecessary SEO
challenge and continued confusion.  I assume all of it is aimed at somehow
hurting our own community and have had to respond.  The ideal would
have been for Mr. Nuckols to simply use a very different name than ours, as
there is plenty of room for a multitude of cohousing and eco villages in

However, our communities at this point are very different, which is helpful
when making choices.  Our community utilizes cohousing design, including
both social and physical cohousing design.  Thus we use participatory
design in creating the community to reflect our values, and we use the
physical cohousing design outlined in Charles Durrett and Katie MacCamants
seminal book "Creating Cohousing,"  We also use non hierarchical decision
making and plan to use Ted and Jerry's SOFA training.  We also use
empirical data from Danish studies in an effort to create a community that
will be successful and long lasting.  Thus, the number of our homes chosen
reflect the empirical data around an effective and long term shared cooking
and meals program, cost of maintenance of a Common House (key feature of
cohousing), numbers that allow effective decision making, and enough people
to develop strong friendships.  Thus, we plan for between 25-33 homes.  I
believe the cohousing movement was born out of a reaction, by 50 families
in Denmark, to the ineffectiveness of a typical suburban multi villa or
multi home complex, and thus we will not be using that straight line of
homes with garages and streets grid design.

The current land we are considering has a vineyard, a farm with horses, a
fruit tree orchard, and is thus set up for a farm to table culture that
highly values the sustainable and energy conscious "ECohousing" model.
This Sunday, we are discussing photovoltaic cells and have new members who
currently reside in cohousing and eco villages who are helping with the

Hope this helps,

Greek Village Cohousing
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A. Peloponnese
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On Wed, Aug 4, 2021 at 10:21 AM Jill B Murray via Cohousing-L <
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> Thanks for the summary Fred!
> > On Aug 4, 2021, at 6:07 AM, Fred H Olson <fholson [at]> wrote:
> >
> > There are two proposed cohousing in the country of Greece.
> > Both have posted to cohousing-L recently.
> > Both are expected to have non Greek members and I think are based on
> > Greek law which allow non Greek citizens to have long term residence.
> > Their names are similar enough that I get them confused so after
> > browsing their websites I present this brief summary.
> >
> > Greece Cohousing Community
> > About eight households in an existing villa complex
> > on the island of Crete
> > See
> > key person: Charles Nuckolls <charles_nuckolls [at]>
> >
> > Greek Village Cohousing
> > About 30 households on Peloponnesian peninsula
> > See
> > key person: Pare Gerou <paregerou [at]>  who is a Greek American
> >
> > Locations on map of Greece at:
> >
> > Peloponnesian peninsula is in blue
> > Crete is the island at the bottom of the map.
> >
> > Fred, who has difficulty imagining downsizing to another neighborhood
> > in Minneapolis let alone another country so won't be moving to Greece
> >
> >
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