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From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Sun, 8 Aug 2021 05:26:42 -0700 (PDT)
Jerry Koch-Gonzalez started this topic that I've been pondering a
bit lately.  My personal feeling is that changing names should be
avoided unless there is a strong reason for doing so. A lot of
effort goes into establishing awareness of a community and it's
name -- particularly one trying to get established and recruit
members.  The name is a key part of that effort.  Having to build
recognition of a new name should be avoided by avoiding changing
names unless there is a strong reason to do so. Similarly careful
consideration should go into choosing the name initially.

I think we as a larger community should agree to an expectation that
communities will examine existing cohousing community names and not
choose a name similar to an existing community.

There are two instances that I know of where two communites have
names that are easily confused with another community - the
the Greek / Greece proposal which I wrote about recently at
Greece Cohousing Community

Greek Village Cohousing


Heartwood Cohousing and long established in Bayfield, Colorado

Heartwood Commons that is building in Tulsa Oklahoma

Internet domains which have to be registered in a process
that requires them to be unique but they can be quite similar.
Choosing a cohousing communities can currently choose any name they

Minneapolis has recently had a significant name change of a major
lake. "Lake Calhoun" was named after a slaveowner and pro-slavery US
Sec of State. It was renamed in 2015-2018 (by various authorities) to
"Bde Maka Ska" which is Lakota/Dakota meaning Lake White Earth.

Many non-natives still struggle to remember and pronounce "Bde Maka Ska"
tho I have been pleasantly surprized that I can remember and pronounce
it fairly well.  I am hopeful that over time the name will get well
established in the minds of locals and become a shibboleth for us.


Tho a name is fundamentally a tag - a way to refer to
something - for which any unique "word" will do, the conotations
are important too.


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