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Date: Wed, 11 Aug 2021 17:22:29 -0700 (PDT)
New post on on why understanding construction is 

Excerpt ————

People making less than $50,000 a year need to be in cities and towns where the 
jobs are. They can't afford to build in rural areas where there are no zoning 
restrictions because there are also no utilities. You can drill a well, install 
a septic tank, and buy a gas-powered generator to back up solar electricity, 
but that will cost more than the home and the land put together. Rural areas 
also lack the institutional supports of city living. I just discovered, for 
example, that in some rural areas of Alabama fire trucks have to carry their 
own water.

While writing this, I had left the stream of YouTube videos of Boxabls running. 
YouTube can be hypnotizing as it moves from one related video to the next much 
like cable news as it goes from one political opinion to another. After a 
while, I became aware that I was listening to the Wooded Beardsman showing me 
how to build a cabin. Unlike many of the DIY videos, he has a soothing voice, 
speaks clearly, and has a non-shakey camera—and is not selling anything.

By noon, I had listened to the sounds of wood construction for 4 hours. I found 
it comforting to hear the simple step-by-step narration of a crew of people 
enjoying putting up a small wooden cabin in the woods.

From Boxabls, I had drifted into the Wilderness Living Challenge.  The Wooded 
Beardsman has his own YouTube Channel and seems to work full time making videos 
of himself and others who are learning to live in the woods as 
self-sustainingly as possible. There are well over 100 videos.

What does the Bearded Woodsman have to do with Elon Musk or cohousing or 
housing security?


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Sharon Villines, Editor & Publisher
Affordable Housing means 30% of household income
Cohousing means self-developed, self-governed, self-managed
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