Re: Friends, affiliates, or associate members
From: Diana Carroll (
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2021 05:24:00 -0700 (PDT)
I don’t have specific answers to your “gray area” questions but I wonder
why it matters.

So a couple was in a trial period. I doubt they were trying to sneak around
to pay a lower fee. Or someone eats common meals more often than one thinks
a visitor would.

If you community is not in dire straits financially, is it worth trying to
nail these occasional things down? I think all this works only by assuming
some amount of good intent and not stressing too much when someone’s
good-intent interpretation conflicts with someone else’s good-intent
interpretation, as long as no one is harming anyone.

In Mosaic Commons, I was on the “affiliate policy” team. We spent a lot of
time talking about these various permutations and eventually decided none
of them mattered. What REALLY mattered was that the affiliate affirmatively
wanted to be part of the community, and the community (or reasonable subset
of) affirmatively wanted them here. Everything else is noise.

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> Cohousers:
>  We have an Associate Member category. Here is a cautionary question, when
> does an Associate Member become an actual member? We had two instances
> where Associate Membership was used as an interpersonal relationship tool
> for two couples who were trying to figure out if they were a couple. So
> they used the Associate Membership to test drive each other. It turned out
> that they actually lived together during the test drive period, but one
> person was paying the lesser Associate Membership fee. Another example,
> what if a member has a significant other who stays over for say, three
> nights a week and participates in meals, etc. Is that person an Associate
> Member or just an occasional guest in the community?
> Thx
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