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From: Alan O'Hashi (
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021 05:40:33 -0700 (PDT)
The COVID-21 topic is one that tests a forming community. It is an issue that 
summarizes what the cohousing secret sauce is all about. One of the reasons why 
cohousing isn't popping up on every street corner is the basic secret sauce 
ingredient, which is shedding the American Way as it has been pounded into our 
heads since we popped out of the womb.

What society tells us is that we are rugged individuals who can make our own 
choices and don't need help from others. Cohousing secret sauce is the 
opposite, we give up individual liberty for the good of the whole, albeit, 
there's a gray-area balancing zone, which is where community COVID policies 

I read the original post about 60percent think x and 40percent think y and why 
can't the y-thinkers just cave to the 60percent. In cohousing, the majority 
rule, win by one means of decision making is tossed out the window.

When you find yourself lapsing back into the American Way, take a step back. In 
a consensus community, the question is, What is the x-thinkers willing to give 
up to bring the y-thinkers into the whole? This doesn't mean that the 
y-thinkers can block a decision based on individual discomfort or self-serving 
perspectives. The y-thinkers must frame their objections in terms of how their 
view is a community issue.

When COVID first hit, my place -- I imagine like most communities -- are 
microcosms of the outside world. We have/had a Dr. Google, MD who had all the 
answers, was an anti masker he also had a nurse practitioner or two who carried 
around his medical bag.

Where we landed was, a resident didn't have to wear a mask, but had to have one 
on their person if they encountered anyone in the outdoor common spaces. The 
anti maskers were okay with social distancing. We were universally in agreement 
to close the common house. The main issue was the arrogance, more than the 
actual mask issue.

While it is not talked about, in my view, we are now gearing up for the next 


Alan O

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