Re: Reality Based and Truth Seeking
From: Crystal Farmer (
Date: Mon, 16 Aug 2021 16:34:07 -0700 (PDT)
In response to Jill's comment: "This issue has become so polarizing and I
feel one of the reasons is that there has been no platform made available
for the various sides of the issue to discuss their views and findings."

I think part of this conflict (and many conflicts) is the idea that this is
an issue where different opinions matter. They don't. We're not scientists
and I know it's uncomfortable giving up our decision making power to people
who are supposedly smarter than us, however that's exactly what we do
everyday--for instance, with seatbelts. We wear them because engineers
designed them to stop people from dying. No one sits around googling
studies of seatbelt use in order to discuss the pros and cons.

Despite my opinions I think communities should give people the space to
talk about their feelings related to an issue. Not to debate the science,
but to feel heard. If it were my community and I were facilitating the
discussion I wouldn't allow any discussion of studies and facts! When
people get heated about this issue they are defending their emotions, not
their logic.

Crystal Byrd Farmer
Pronouns: she/her


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