New free resource on governance from Sociocracy For All
From: Ted J Rau (
Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 05:39:28 -0700 (PDT)
Hey there!
SoFA is continuing to offer classes that are supporting process in
cohousing communities - *because process matters to keep our minds focused
and our hearts open to each other. *

*Free stuff!*

   - A brand new resource is a *free ebook called "Sociocracy - a brief
   introduction"* available for free on our new Resources page
   <> - it contains resources about
   decision making, better feedback, meeting facilitation etc. It's been a big
   hit already! Have a look!
   - Want a human being to just explain it to you real quick instead of
   reading? Our free info sessions
   <> are for

*Classes ($, group discounts available)*

   - Beginner classes <> (6h total):
   a solid introduction with exercises - get your feet wet and get a feel for
   what sociocracy is like.
   - Facilitation classes
   <> (6h
   total): deeper dive on facilitation, incl. selections, objections,
   performance reviews, and some role-plays on sticky situations.
   - Advanced Facilitation
   total): Packed with role plays for experienced facilitators who want to
   be more weathered. (not for beginners!)
   - Sociocracy Leadership Training <>
   (20 hours total): a chance to be in a pop-up sociocratic organization to
   try things out!
   - Nonviolent Communication
   total): better, more compassionate communication can be learned! Any level!


Op leader of Sociocracy For All <>
Certified consultant  <>
Book a call with me <>

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