Anti-racism, Consensus, Changing of the Guard, and Senior Cohousing at Cohousing Over Time, August 29th
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Date: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 08:46:07 -0700 (PDT)
More great sessions coming up on August 29th during the Cohousing Over Time 
online event. 

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Can Cohousing be Anti-Racist?
Grace H Kim, FAIA
For more than a decade, cohousers have been interested in having conversations 
about race – maybe even more so now. But cohousers, like many progressive 
liberals, are often triggered by the naming of White Supremacy, White 
privilege, Racist behaviors. Confusion about intent and impact often arise.

While many of us have started on a journey towards being anti-racist, what does 
it mean to make cohousing anti-racist? This session will be a primer – a baby 
step towards making cohousing anti-racist.

Beyond Compromise: How Wild Sage Reached Consensus on a New Policy
Linda Tate
This session will take attendees through the process of developing a new policy 
that addresses a contentious issue in the community: participation. Attendees 
will learn how Wild Sage members worked in a small team to deal with their 
competing views and to create true consensus, rather than simply compromise.

Changing of the Guard – Success in bringing new community members aboard and in 
parting with old ones.
Silver Sage panel
In this presentation a panel of three to five Silver Sage residents will 
present, discuss and answer questions about our 13 year experiences in bringing 
in new members as active participants in the community, including our 
experience with over 25% of the community turning over in the past 3 years. The 
presentation will include details on our current successful program for both 
aiding departing members and their new buyers with an emphasis on growing a 
deeper and better community.

Checking In on Senior Cohousing – Across the Country and Over Time
Alexandria Levitt, Moderator
Senior cohousing communities are on the rise. The challenges of aging grow as 
well. Our panel is comprised of members from 3 senior communities who will 
speak to the successes and concerns they have faced over time as they and their 
neighbors age: community building, recruitment, physical limitations, caregiver 
suites, end of life issues, resident departures and more.

Participants will learn how these groups are faring and come away with ideas to 
help your own community.

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