Lifecycle Cohousing [was Cohousing communities with Sociocracy enshrined in Declaration / Bylaws?
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Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2021 09:45:27 -0700 (PDT)
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> I know of one community who got around a consensus requirement by having a 
> judge declare the holdout mentally ill and legally incompetent. Then the 
> legal caretaker agreed to the motion.
> That seems like a fairly high bar to clear, with the possibility of real 
> penalties if it were misused.

As we truly begin having full life cycle communities, we will have to 
understand how and when to do this. We had a discussion a few years ago about 
the reality of seriously mentally ill residents being a danger to others. Was 
it a community responsibility to step in? The situation of people becoming 
mentally incompetent to make rational decisions, or any decisions at all, is 

I have a friend who bought a condo in a pre WW I building because it was 
cheaper than the college dorm. She was an MBA student and certainly right. It 
has increased in value at least 6000% — she still lives there so it isn’t 
market tested.

But over the years she and the younger people who bought units have had to have 
at least 4 of the original residents declared incompetent and traced families 
of others to come take care of them. The safety of the building as well as the 
residents depended on it.

Since she has been there 60 years, she has the opposite end of the same 
lifecycle problem. Post graduate students are moving in and have no 
understanding of the construction and operations of pre-war buildings. She and 
her generation are now in the role of trying to stop decisions that will 
seriously damage the building — like letting everyone install washers and 
dryers and air conditioning with water pipes and electrical wiring that has 
only been updated here and there. And no one has records of where. They think 
she is being histrionic when she explains the floods and structural damage 
resulting from the first washer someone installed upstairs.

Long term has realities that cohousing is just beginning to face.

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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