Re: Cohousing communities with Sociocracy enshrined in Declaration / Bylaws?
From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2021 10:01:11 -0700 (PDT)
> On Aug 30, 2021, at 11:00 PM, Diana Leafe Christian <diana [at]> wrote:

> This is the same advice a cohousing lawyer gave me when I was writing 
> Creating a Life Together. She also suggested creating a Policy Manual, and 
> including the phrase in the ByLaws, "See Policy Manual" for anything the 
> forming community might want to change someday. So any future changes would 
> be simple, as compared to the hassle and expense required to change ByLaws.

One comment on this — we have a good system for keeping track of policies in a 
place where they can easily be referred to. What we have more problems with now 
that we the minutes from the membership, board, and 3 standing committees is 
the decisions that were not accompanied by a formal policy proposal formatted 
in on an individual sheet of paper. And they are hard to find in the minutes, 
particularly in the years before understanding the importance of consistency in 

Sharon Villines
Takoma Village Cohousing, Washington DC

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