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From: Martie Weatherly (
Date: Sat, 4 Sep 2021 18:21:37 -0700 (PDT)
HI Muriel.  For consensus to work well, you must have well trained facilitators 
and a well trained group. 

There is lots of training around. FIC just had a course by Laird Schaub that 
was excellent. Laird is also 3 months into a two year hands on course that 
gives real life training to the facilitators and some communities. We had a 
number of people from our community take it wen we were starting. 

Be sure that any training is for cohousing or cooperative communities. 
Consensus facilitation is different  than for organizations and business. 

I am glad to give you suggestions if you want. You can reach me on my website 
below, either by making an appointment on my calendar for an online chat or 
emailing me from the website. 

Would love to see you again...virtually for now.

Martie Weatherly

Health and Wellness Coach
Consensus Coach

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Can anyone share with me a sort of tip sheet on how to facilitate a
cohousing consensus decision meeting? One of our newbies has volunteered to
start facilitating and we don't seem to have such a document.
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