Grow Community Bainbridge Is. Washington State
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Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2021 19:03:50 -0700 (PDT)
Hi all —

This article is about the GROW community on Bainbridge off the coast of Seattle 
is so very similar to cohousing except in size.  This is a drop-dead gorgeous 
community.  You may need a subscription to DWELL+ to read it on-line but you 
can also get it through your local library.

This is their website:

This was a HUGE undertaking.  Looks as if they have 4 phases or 4 
developments/neighborhoods that make up the overall GROW community.  The  
communities each have their own micro neighborhoods.

The title of the article in DWELL+:

It Takes a Village
On Washington’s lush Bainbridge Island, on community strives of quality of life 
as a sustainable initiative.

The article talks about how GROW in its initial phase wanted to be a net zero 
sustainable community and not build $900,000 homes.  But it didn’t say how much 
the homes cost at the time of move-in nor what they cost now.  Digging a little 
bit for current pricing:  1,100 sf to 1800+sf range from $600k to $925k.  Like 
everyone else … the market overcame the intentions.

Still … we can learn a lot from our cohousing cousins!

Best —

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