Re: Searchable Decision Log?
From: Sean Davey (
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2021 13:47:54 -0800 (PST)
hi Teresa,

Mosaic ( has a Decisions module that provides a 
searchable decisions log. It is also configurable to track proposals through 
the decision making process. For example, at Sonora Cohousing we keep proposals 
in a "Parking Lot" while they are being discussed, usually over several 
meetings. There are also places to keep dropped proposals and proposals that 
didn't pass, separate from the decisions log. The module can also be configured 
to generate and email agendas for meetings, based on the proposal list.

For years at Sonora Cohousing we struggled with having an agendas created by 
the Facilitation Team and then we tried a separate Agenda Setting Team. 
Unfortunately there were concerns from people both on and off those teams about 
how the agendas were set, concerns about controlling narratives and decisions 
by how proposals were given priority and the phrasing of proposals, etc. We've 
now switched to deciding and prioritizing proposals online. Any individual or 
team can submit a proposal and then members can agree online whether or not to 
accept the proposal into the process of our general meeting. A certain 
percentage of members agreeing are need for a proposal to be accepted. Members 
can also prioritize proposals by rearranging their order on the list and the 
system will calculate the final order based on everyone's input. In my opinion, 
this new system has completely resolved all of the old concerns about our 

That's one example. The module can be configured to work with other decision 
making systems. It also has support for online voting which we use for our 
annual budget approval since we have several houses where the owners live out 
of state.

I'd be happy to answer any questions about Mosaic, it also provides tons of 
other functionality for cohousing communities. And all the software, hosting, 
and modifications are free.


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