Re: who is here?
From: Alan Murray (
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 01:05 CST
In <199311110030.AA03278 [at]> Till Houtermans <tillhout 
[at] ocf.Berkeley.EDU> writes:
>       I would find it very useful if everyone could write a little about how
>they are involved in cohousing.  Are you in an already established cohousing

>that would be useful for getting a cohousing computer community together.
Hi Till,

I'm not in a cohousing group.  Like yourself I would like to live in community.
Cohousing is probably beyond my ability to pay so I may find myself in some 
other kind of intentional community.  In the meantime I'm learning what I can
about how community works today.  I was in a commune for 4 years in the '70s.
It was not a true community since its decisions were not made by consensus
and there was a hiarchical command structure.  

By "cohousing computer community" I supposed you meant a cohousing community
from amongst the netters?  I've been thinking along the lines of inviting
folks to meet electronically in the form of a mailing list for the express
purpose of forming that safe emotional space known as community.  It would
be an effort to reach that psychological intimacy which is constantly being
broken into in the world at large.  What do ya think?

Alan                        alan_m [at] (Alan Murray)

>Thank you,  Till   tillhout [at] ocf.berkeley.ed

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