Re: Re: Research Versus Personal Viewpoints
From: Harry Pasternak (
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 17:12 CDT
Brian D. Sullivan, Lecturer Department of
 Architecture Chinese University of Honk Kong

Thanks for the response.

* Re cross cultures---I have continually indicated that Gehl and others have
done their research in the Western World.
* I have never suggested that people just read and/or contact Gehl, there are
people doing Scientific Research on maximizing social networking in
neighborhoods---I am suggesting that folks at LEAST read/contact Gehl.
* I have proposed no rules---just a small portion of the available
information--- the tip of the information iceberg on maximizing social
networking in neighborhoods---I expect that interested people do follow up
with Gehl and they do (by the way Jan speaks fluent English)---I have yet to
see anyone quote another Scientific Researcher in this field, in this
conference. If after folks read the research---folks decide not to use it for
whatever reason---so be it. 
* I am not trying to educate anyone---everybody educates themselves---I am
just the messenger---despite the grumblings from a few folk in this forum.
The private Email I  receive, tells me to keep posting the stuff I have been
posting and to forget about the grumblers.
Harry Pasternak
Unpaid Volunteer For "Do It Yourselfers" Who Need Proven Information On
Designing and Building Affordable, Frugally Operationally,  Supportive
Neighborhoods With An Abundance of Social Networking Opportunities, who works
Thousand Islands Institute
The Independent Centre For Housing Research & Education
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