Goodbye Cohousing hello Gramma
From: Alan Carpenter (acarpentDirect.CA)
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 1997 23:19:39 -0600
I live in Windsong Cohousing. After hearing your message I felt sad. I
believe now that I am experiencing Cohousing it is an experience beyond what
I could have ever dreamed about. The sense of being awake and alive is
beyond description. I wish there was some way to extend to you this
experience and I know there is no way that I know of. People could have
talked all to day to me about what it would be like and I could not relate
to what they said. When Katie & Chuck say Cohousing means "Warm & Fuzzy", I
only understood what that meant the day that I moved into Windsong. The
warmth and fuzzy feeling I had was a new and rich experience.
Best Wishes,
Alan Carpenter
acarpent [at] Direct.CA

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