Response to Goodbye Cohousing
From: Alan Carpenter (acarpentDirect.CA)
Date: Wed, 2 Apr 1997 01:10:50 -0600
>Thanks for your posting.  Could you please relate for the whole list a couple
>of specific incidences?  That would be helpful to those of us waiting to get
>there ourselves.

I was pouring concrete tonight with another member for supports for a
children's fort and play structure. It is a lot of fun to work with others
to create this project. Our talents are added together. By combining our
strengths the play structure is only half built and already it is bringing
the community together to a new level. The children are excited, the adults
are excited, the whole experience is so much fun. 

One of our seniors had not shown up in the common areas for a couple of
days, so we checked on her and found that she was quite sick. People then
took turns checking in on her, buying medication for her, helping her with
meals etc. She believes that  support saved her life. 

I find it hard to pick out specific incidences. There are things that happen
every day where people show their caring and love. In my single family
neighborhood I rarely talked to my neighbors and usually then the
converation was Hi, nice day we are having. When I look back on that I feel
like I was dead!
Now I can just walk into a freind's house and we can support each other in
sorting our problems we may be having, or share the joys that we are

My wife loves her retreat space while I can socialize, play cards or just
visit with others. In our single family home she wanted retreat space, I
wanted connection because I worked at my home business all day, and we kept
ending up in conflict. Now we both can have what we want. There is much more
love and peace in our relationship as a result of the way we relate to each
other now. 

Windsong has been have potluck almost every night since we moved in. During
these meals I am creating a deeper connection with the people here. I am
experiencing a deep sense of support, love and acceptance unlike I have
every known. 

I hope this helps others get a sense of what Cohousing means to me. Thank
you for your response. 
Best Wishes,
Alan Carpenter
acarpent [at] Direct.CA

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