Hiring a Construction Manager
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Date: Mon, 12 May 1997 13:10:21 -0500
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Subject: Hiring a Construction Manager

Hello -

We are about to break ground, and are organizing what we call our
"Construction Liaison" (we have one for the architects and the bank, as
well). We are concerned about the workload for our members that sign up
for this. One of us has had an experience with a large construction
project, and found that the developer in that case was very involved in
the billing process - not just review, but passing the subcontractors'
bills on to the bank, and so forth. There were also many day-by-day
meetings. Now, those of you who used the "heroic" model - that is, Coho
group as developer, as opposed to someone else - have made it through
this process in one piece, and here are some questions for you:

- Did you hire a project manager to oversee the construction

In our case, our builder has a full-time project manager on board, but
we wonder whether we need to hire someone OR is it is safe to trust the
builders to monitor themselves? The builder has been a developer and has
a great reputation, and is confident they can do a good job at this, but
we are concerned about checks and balances.

- If you hired someone to represent you in the construction process,
what did they do for you?  How did you set up their renumeration? Was
this money well spent or wasted?  Do you wish you had done it
differently? How? 

- How much time per week were your members that were directly involved
with the construction putting in? How did you avoid burnout?

Thanks -

John Major
Wasatch Cohousing, Salt Lake City - where we are doing the mating dance
with the banks!

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