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From: Sharon Villines (
Date: Wed, 24 Feb 1999 10:24:49 -0600
I found the site to order this book and have included the description below.
Tip: When searching the HUD site, titles must be exact--thus homeownership
is one word. And "innovation" is not plural. Picky-picky.

I've ordered two copies for Synergy on faith that we are the "project in
Delray Beach" but this is a publication on "affordable" housing and we spent
a long evening last night discussing whether we will sell more units if we
cut back on quality in order to lower prices.

We do have four affordable units that are subsidized but the project itself
is above the average price of homes here.

Order Building Innovation for Homeownership using HUD USER's online order
service. Copies may also be obtained by calling HUD USER at 1-800-245-2691.

Sharon Villines
Synergy Cohousing, Delray Beach

Building Innovation for Homeownership

Cutting the cost of housing construction is an important strategy to make
housing more affordable. Creative use of technology can help reduce the cost
of housing construction and lower the cost of homeownership. The Building
Innovation for Homeownership (BIH) program, an initiative by the National
Partners in Homeownership, identifies housing projects across America that
employ innovative homebuilding technology, design, and development to make
affordable housing and homeownership a reality.

Building Innovation for Homeownership, a publication from HUD's Office of
Policy Development and Research, recognizes 63 award winning housing
projects from across the United States that meet BIH criteria. These award
winners where chosen based on the ability of designers, developers, and
contractors to adopt the technology in the development of affordable housing
projects. Costs of the homes in winning projects were below the median costs
of new family housing.

Winners used a wide variety of innovative techniques. Twenty-four of the
projects used factory built components, such as manufactured housing and
modular construction. Other awardees worked to promote energy efficiency,
sustainable design and construction, and innovative site design. Many
projects, such as the Coliseum Oaks in San Antonio, Texas, combined
technologies to reduce the housing units cost. Builders for the Coliseum
Oaks project used site design, energy efficiency, modular, and steel
construction to develop an attractive affordable housing community of
forty-five units.

Building Innovations for Homeownership provides important information for
affordable housing developers. Each project profile includes pictures and
descriptions of housing type, technology used, design, project size, housing
price, and project financing. So that practitioners can access more
information on specific technologies and their application in affordable
housing developments, contact lists accompany the profiles.
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