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Date: Tue, 25 Apr 2000 16:27:20 -0600 (MDT)
Greetings CoHousing list,

I have been lurking on this list for many years.  It is one of my 
favorites of all the communities oriented lists!
Below please find announcements  of some of the work the Ecovillage 
Movement is up to.  We thought that many of you would be interested 
to know about our work and these web sites.

We are hoping that the cohousing movement or at least some selected 
communities might be active partners in our "Ecovillage Research and 
Development" work.  We also thought that you might be interested in 
some sustainability oriented education alterntatives for your high 
school seniors or college aged folks.

Let us know what you think of our work and site.

Looking forward to working with you more.

Jeff Clearwater
Ecovillage Network of the  Americas
Living Routes - Ecovillage Education Consortium

Hello Colleagues and Friends!

I am writing to keep you abreast of the exciting work we've been up 
to here in the Ecovillage Movement and to ask your help in spreading 
the word.  Together we can build a sustainable future!!

Check out our new web site on our ECOVILLAGE RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT & 
This program will link universities and ecovillages in cooperative 
research, development, and demonstration projects in Appropriate 
Technologies, Renewable Energy and Permaculture Practices.

recently been upgraded.  (now with a  Bucky Fuller "Dymaxion" Map of 
our Programs)  >>

ALSO!!! - We still have openings in our SUMMER INSTITUTE IN 
TO LEARN SUSTAINABILITY in the context of intentional communities at 
a reasonable cost.

FIRMED UP - they might really appreciate hearing about this program.


Jeff Clearwater
Dan Greenberg

Living Routes


Living Routes' mission is to develop and support accredited 
educational programs that empower participants to help build a 
sustainable future. All programs are based in intentional communities 
striving to model sustainable living (also known as "ecovillages"). 
We are working closely with the Global Ecovillage Network 
(, the Fellowship for Intentional Community ( 
and a growing consortium of ecovillages, colleges, and universities 
to create these globally connected yet regionally developed programs.

For more information, visit our website at or email us at 
mailto:info [at]  And, please support our ecological 
marketing efforts by forwarding this email to individuals, websites, 
and lists you think might be interested in these programs. Thank you!

p.s. If you would prefer to not receive future Living Routes 
announcements, please reply to this message with the word "remove" in 
the subject line. We expect to send out only a few email messages per 
year and will not give your address to anyone else.  Thanks!



    July 7-   SUMMER INSTITUTE in SUSTAINABLE LIVING................8 cr - GCC
    Aug 18    Sirius, Massachusetts; EcoVillage at Ithaca, NY - USA

              Learn valuable skills in sustainable living while experiencing
              the richness of two premier intentional communities/ecovillages.
              This six-week course will integrate academic and experiential
              learning through holistic awareness practices, seminars and
              readings, an ecological design project, bioregional field trips,
              and integration into the day-to-day lives of two communities -
              Sirius, a spiritual community, education center, and ecovillage
              in western Massachusetts and Ecovillage at Ithaca, an ecological
              cohousing community in upstate New York. Students can gain eight
              semester credit hours of coursework through Greenfield Community
              College.  Don't miss it!  We have some spaces left!


    Aug 27-   GEO COMMUNITIES SEMESTER - FALL......................12 cr - UNH
    Dec 9     Plum Village, FRANCE; Auroville/Mitraniketan, INDIA; Sirius, USA

              The Geo Communities Semester, formerly known as Geocommons Col-
              lege Program, is a semester-long journey into ecology, community,
              and mindful living.  After forming a "Learning Community" in New
              Hampshire, students and faculty spend ten days at Plum Village,
              Thich Nhat Hanh's Buddhist monastery in southwest France; two
              months in southern India at Auroville, an ecovillage and
              spiritual community of 1500 people; and ten days at Mitraniketan,
              a Gandhian community promoting village renewal.  Re-entry to
              North America occurs at the Sirius Community in Massachusetts
              where students reflect upon and integrate their experience.
              Studying sustainable living practices, students come face to
              face with issues of world population, globalization, and habitat
              destruction as well as experience the joys of intercultural
              exchange, biological restoration, and mindfulness training.
              Upon successful completion of the program, students receive 12
              semester credits through the University of New Hampshire's
              Department of Natural Resources.


    Aug 31-   FINDHORN COMMUNITY SEMESTER - FALL..................16 cr - PLU
    Dec 9     Findhorn Foundation, SCOTLAND

              This semester program in sustainable living weaves together
              experiential study of community, creative spirituality, and
              ecology of place through a living/learning immersion in life
              at the Findhorn Foundation in northern Scotland.  Findhorn is
              a thriving community of over 300 people from over 20 countries,
              with a rich history of hosting programs that foster personal &
              planetary transformation.  Sixteen semester credits are avail-
              able through Pacific Lutheran University. Come join us on an
              adventure you won't forget.


    Jan 3-    CRYSTAL WATERS PERMACULTURE PRACTICUM................4 cr - PLU
    Jan 27    Crystal Waters, AUSTRALIA

              This three-week course looks at human interaction as an ecology
              of organisms in a complex web of interrelationships. Most of
              the course is spent at Crystal Waters, a well established Perma-
              culture Community on 640 acres in subtropical Queensland,
              Australia. Students complete a Permaculture certification
              program and experience the community as an example of ecology
              at work. The hands-on curriculum addresses the environmental
              and social challenges of our day and enables students to gain
              direct experience in the application of Permaculture principles
              in addressing those challenges. Also included are opportunities
              to observe the area's rich wildlife, swim in crystal clear
              creeks, and visit Fraser Island, the world's largest sand
              island with a remarkable diversity of habitats. Four semester
              credits are available through Pacific Lutheran University.


    Feb 3-    GEO COMMUNITIES SEMESTER - SPRING....................12 cr - UNH
    May 16    Plum Village, FRANCE; Auroville, INDIA; Sirius, USA

              See Fall Description


    Feb 1-    FINDHORN COMMUNITY SEMESTER - SPRING*................16 cr - PLU
    May 19    Findhorn Foundation, SCOTLAND

              See Fall Description
              *This program is dependent on space availability during a period
               when Findhorn will be remodeling some guest accommodations.


              NOTE:  GCC = Greenfield Community College
                          UNH = University of New Hampshire
                          PLU = Pacific Lutheran University
                          GEN = Global Ecovillage Network


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URL:            Toll Free: (888) 515-7333
Email: info [at]               Fax: (413) 259-1255

Dan Greenberg, Executive Director        Elan Shapiro, Program Director
Jeff Grossberg, Board President             Lawry Gold, Consortium Director
Jeff Clearwater, Research Director       Philip Snyder, GEN Int'l Secr.

Jeff Clearwater
Ecovillage Design Associates
Community Scale Appropriate Technology & Renewable Energy Systems
413-259-1900, clrwater [at]

Research Director - Living Routes-Ecovillage Education Consortium
Council Member - Ecovillage Network of the Americas
Focalizer - Sirius Ecovillage Office
Sirius Community, 72 Baker Rd, Shutesbury, MA  01072
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