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I remember Bettelheim from one of my first lectures at Cornell, and later
hastened to read his books and his magazine articles, "Dialogues With
Mothers," when my daughter was an infant. 

Children of the Dream was fascinating and frightening. Equality may have
overcome individuality, as jobs were rotated and children had only
rigidly structured time with their parents. It seems to me,  not yet
living in co-housing, that it offers an excellent blend of nuclear
families with communal ties. 

Anne, Oak Creek Commons

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> > Bettleheim's book was published at least 30 years ago and was widely
> criticized at the time from various perspectives, many of them charging him
> with gross overgeneralization.
> Current studies of a kibbutz are studying a different phenomenon, as many of
> the original approaches have been diluted substantially. However, there were
> many a kibbutz so it would be more likely that valid sampling could take
> place.
> Like any "good" study, it served to trigger new questions.
> Hans

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