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Original Subject: Please, Help me in my Ph.D Search

Dear All,

It gives me much pleasure to know some good things about your
distinguished efforts in Sustainability, which is the best interesting
topic for me. Hence, I discovered your great efforts, which act a very
important role to my Scientific Research in archite ctural studies,
especially on: Sustainable Architecture. 

And now it is a good chance to recognize each other, 

My name is: Usama Abd-Alnabi Konbr

My job is: Assistant lecturer at the Architectural Department, Faculty of
Engineering, Al-Azhar University, in Cairo, Egypt. I had got the B.Sc. in
July 1995, from: Al-Azhar University, then I had been occupied in the same
faculty, which I took the B.Sc. from as TA (Teaching assistant) at the
Department at the beginning of 1997, after that I got M.Sc. in
architecture at: November 1, 2000 which titled with: 

"Towards Touristic Eco- Architecture in Southern Sinai

Case study: The Coastal Touristic Architecture Evaluation at Ras Sudr
Tourism Sector" 

Then, at March 2001 I registered a Ph.D. Thesis in Sustainable
Architecture, Titled with:

"Rooting the main Concepts of Sustainable Architecture in:
Egyptian Hot Dry Regions 

Methodology for Analysis the sustainable dimensions for new Residential
sectors Architecture in Great Cairo Region" 

Now, I send you this E-Mail: to ask you some help related your position,
by: sending me any available abstracts, brochures, papers, photocopies,
booklets, or catalogues, to help me in my Ph.D. Scientific assignment. And
so, I lovely want to make a Fruitfu l relationship with your excellence
and expand the sides of cooperation. 

Now, I am highly waiting you in my E-Mail: U_Konbr [at]

Or on the following address, Please: 

Egypt, Cairo, Nasr City
Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Engineering.
The Architecture Department,
Po.Box 11371
Arch. Usama Abd-Alnabi konbr

With very much greetings from Egypt.

Tel.: +2 (02) 260174 (Architectural Department) 
Fax: +2 (02) 2601704 (Architectural Department)
                        +2 (040) 3393233 (Home) 

Mobile Phone: +2 (010) 5858413

ICQ No.: 148381622

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now; here you are a quick summary for my Master:

Touristic Experts praise that tourism is the Engine of Development. And
Touristic development is main support for the Comprehensive Development.
By the Superior Country domination perception for that, It concerned with
it, whence Southern Sinai has distin guished capability, efforts was done
to remove the Touristic Investment's disincentives, It stimulates the
Local & International Finance Houses to Investment on it at the Tourism
context ? This is the first aspect. 

On the other hand: United Nations Environmental Program & International
Tourism Organization had signed common declaration at 1982 to associate or
mingle as brothers between Tourism & Environment.

So It can't be imagined successful tourism without Inserting the Eco
dimension as a basic importance, Hence building & Architecture generally
act apart of the bigger Touristic system, Then the previous view is right.
I.e. it must be compatible with Enviro nment. 

In terms of southern Sinai Coasts are still virgin, then the Necessity of
Compatibility becomes bigger aiming at Sustainability, and to give the
next generations a chance to enjoy it. 

The Researcher's interesting with Coastal Touristic Architecture was based

1. Reasonable grounds to dye Architecture by Eco features, By the Previous
common declaration. 

2. Highly and Quick Tourism Urban map Growth in southern Sinai, besides
the greet Capability to improve the Eco dimension for it, in Comparison
with the current status. 

3. Moral constitution dimension, whereas carrying the Moral Liability in
front of the Next Generations reason this Virginal Location. 

4. Religious dimension which urges us to obey the Environment and not to
destroy it. 

So Researcher chose this point to catch up with the target of it, and to
guiding the decisions that form the Architecture and the Urban of this
promising part from lovely Egyptian land. 

Researcher depended on Theoretical method in the First part, and Case
Study method in the other part, where the Research contain the induction
to the principle concepts for Environment, Environmental Design and
Tourism to deduce the Fundamental Requiremen ts for each; And for
collecting them in one system. Consequently setting the Research
Hypothesis, and then completing Induction method to build some general
roles and theories by Gathering the Partial Information for every part of
the Research sides; then joining them to achieve Eco-Touristic Paradigm,
or setting an Imagination for its aspects, besides some Eco-Guidelines. 

In the applied studies (Case study) which we search Eco-architecture
phenomenon in specific geographical place (Southern Sinai); This Method
permit studding all Factors and variables that affect it; and at the same
time allow studying the Social Phenomeno n and its relation with study
area, hence ability to generalize the Result and Recommendations. 

The research has performed in two parts, the First is Theoretical, and the
other is case study, as follow: 

The first part: Theoretical Studies for Environmental Design of Coastal
Touristic Architectural in Southern Sinai: 

This was divided into three chapters: 

The First Chapter: was divided into three Sections, Principle concepts
closes to the Research were inducted, where the Researcher try to achieve
some of its targets, as follow: 

· The First Section: Environmental Concepts.

· The Second Section: Environmental Design Concepts.

· The Third Section: Touristic Concepts & Touristic development, with the
focusing on Touristic development in Southern Sinai. 

Throw these principle concepts of Environmental Design & Tourism Experts,
and connecting this with Southern Sinai and its constrains, then setting: 

The Main Research Hypothesis

That searched at remaining theoretical part in two chapters: 

The Second Chapter: Throw which how to set the green and Eco- dimensions
for Research Point was searched, in two Sections as follow: 

· The First Section: Eco- guidelines for the Coastal Touristic Grouping
Urban, by focusing on social perspective of Eco-Touristic Urban, Eco-Urban
Planning and Eco- Dimensions for Landscape. 

· The Second Section: Eco- guidelines for the Coastal Touristic Grouping
Architecture, By Location Studies, View, Architectural Shapes, Openings
Studies, Structure systems and Materials, systems, Interior Design and
Colors, and Garages. 

The Third Chapter: Throw which the aspects of Climatic Design for the
Coastal Touristic Architecture in Southern Sinai were searched: 

Considering that it give in detail along four sections a great deal of
features that were mentioned the previous two chapters, and because of its
achievements for a lot of Environmental Design goals, So it was divided
into four sections: 

· The First Section: Studying the Climatic Data for Southern Sinai. 

· The Second Section: Studying the Control of Building Protection from the

· The Third Section: Studying the Control of Heat Transfer from Exteriors
to Interiors. 

· The Fourth Section: Studying the Natural Ventilation, its constrains and
its various techniques. 

Consequently, Design adaptation Capability to Environmental constrains was
viewed, then just case study still, to indicate the existing system in
terms of Environmental Compatibility or not, this practical study was done
in one chapter containing one sect ion: 

The Second part (Case study): The Coastal Touristic Architecture Appraisal
at Ras Sudr Touristic Sector: 

The Fourth Chapter: Analytical study for Coastal Touristic Architectural
Samples at Ras Sudr Touristic Sector: 

· The First Section: Analysis for Coastal Touristic Architectural Samples
at Ras Sudr Touristic Sector: 

In this Section the Existing Grouping was appraised; to support the
Theoretical part and indicate the Situation of Research Hypothesis if it
was right or not. And linking the Academic Cogitation with tactile
reality, after that taking a result from the An alytical studies pillars
the Result extracted from Theoretical Studies to: 

Answer the main Research Hypothesis 
As a basic aim, and to reach finally to the Research Results &


Address: Egypt,Cairo, Nasr City, Al-Azhar University, Faculty of
Engineering. The Architecture Department. P.O. Box 11371
Name: Eng. Usama Abd-Alnabi konbr
Mobile Phone: 0123981465

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