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Dear Fred,
Sorry, I goofed again. Norm has set it up so that replies go to my
rocketmail (yahoo) website. It uses HTML, but I didn't understand that when
I just replied. In the future, I will switch to Outlook Express if I get any
messages from you or others.
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> I remember Bettelheim from one of my first lectures at Cornell, and later
> hastened to read his books and his magazine articles, "Dialogues With
> Mothers," when my daughter was an infant.
> Children of the Dream was fascinating and frightening. Equality may have
> overcome individuality, as jobs were rotated and children had only
> rigidly structured time with their parents. It seems to me,  not yet
> living in co-housing, that it offers an excellent blend of nuclear
> families with communal ties.
> Anne, Oak Creek Commons
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> > > Bettleheim's book was published at least 30 years ago and was widely
> > criticized at the time from various perspectives, many of them charging
> > with gross overgeneralization.
> >
> > Current studies of a kibbutz are studying a different phenomenon, as
many of
> > the original approaches have been diluted substantially. However, there
> > many a kibbutz so it would be more likely that valid sampling could take
> > place.
> >
> > Like any "good" study, it served to trigger new questions.
> >
> > Hans
> >
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