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First, thanks for taking this on.  I'm on the board of Coho/US, and we're
always dealing with many more ideas than time to do them all.  I know this
will make a difference for other students to know that their research is
accessible to people.

We're creating one of the first cohousing communities in St. Louis.  We've
had students study our project, including a group of students from Saint
Louis and Washington universities who did an Urban Issues Symposium project
on our community a few years ago.  In 1991, there was a graduate design
studio at Washington U. that did designs for a potential community in a
north St. Louis neighborhood.  A couple of Saint Louis U. students drafted
potential by-laws and covenants for our project, and an intern drafted a
joint venture agreement for cohousing, funded by the Housing Committee of
the St. Louis Bar Association.  A couple years ago, Katrina Lewis did a
paper on cohousing at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.  She has since
graduated and I can't find her recent contact information, but you might
find her through the university.

More recently, Lara Shaffer did a couple papers at Washington University
this semester. lara432 [at]  A student from Korea, Heayoung Won, 
graduated from the University of Illinois at Champaign with a Master's in
Architecture.  We just got a copy of her design thesis last week.
hwon [at]  I'll forward you the note Coho/US recently got from
the school.  Her thesis also refers to an earlier thesis that was done there
in 1994.

Carol Braford

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Hey all,
I'm working with the coho network or rather the cohousing association of the
US- to create a data base of research papers, theses... perhaps also
articles, which will then be available on the web page.  So I'm looking for
leads, any college students or faculty who have written on cohousing?  do
you know of particular schools which might have programs that would look
into cohousing...has anyone come to research your community?
Thanks for your help, so we can make a thorough resource for cohousers and

jessiemo [at]
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