Sustainable Communities Conf in VT
From: aamato (
Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 14:32:11 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Cohousing Cousins the World Over, (but especially those in New England),
In a moment of madness, I signed myself up to do a session on cohousing at the
upcoming Sustainable Communities Conference in Burlington, Vermont. I had no
intention of doing it by myself and solicited a positive but ambivalently
enthusiastic ("Well...if you really can't find anybody else, I'll do it cause
your my friend...") response for help from two of my neighbors here at Takoma
Village, Ann Zabaldo (tireless advocate of cohousing as those on this list know,
and in my opinion, reigning queen of cohousing on the East Coast) and Eric
Mendelsohn, who was a primary mover and shaker on the "green" aspects of our

However what I would really like to do is make it a panel with input from
suburban and rural cohousing communities as well as our own urban one.  So my
query is this:  Are there any of you cohousers in New England, close enough to
Burlington, that would like to be on this panel?  It would be great fun (I would
make sure of this--ask Ann:  I have fun wherever I go!  Picnics, sing-alongs,
swimming, joke-telling*, etc.) and would be a great way of exposing cohousing to
a prime audience.  There wouldn't be much to do, just talk about your community.
I might be in contact beforehand with some guidelines, so we don't overlap what
we talk about.  It would be a nice collaboration between us Mid-Atlantic
Cohousers and our brethren up North.

The conference is July 14 through 18 and a link to the conference webpage for
more information is here:

I admit my primary motivation for this is to get out of swampy, muggy
Washington DC in mid-summer to enjoy the green coolness of Vermont, but wouldn't
it be nice to promote the closest thing we have to real-life sustainable
community in America -- cohousing -- to a wider audience?

Thanks for considering this,
Anna Amato*
Takoma Village
Washington, DC
e-mail:  anna [at]

*Reigning winner of Annual Takoma Village Joke Contest!  Yes, really!

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