Touchstone Breaks Ground
From: Nick Meima (
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 2004 08:39:51 -0700 (PDT)
This is to make an official announcement. Touchstone - the third cohousing community in Ann Arbor , Michigan has just broken ground. We believe this marks the first time in the U.S, that there are three cohousing communities side by side. The setting is quite natural with over a hundred acres in the immediate area that will be left undeveloped.

Touchstone features a wide array of floor plans, from a 500 square foot one bedroom to a 1,600 square foot three bedroom. The one and two bedroom units are designed as flats. The lower flat has use of a full basement. The upper flat has a spacious walk up attic , with one or two dormers ,that is designed for maximum useable space. Prices start at $106,000-$330,000. Energy Star rated units are an option.

These homes will be built using a modular home builder. This will speed up the construction process, and provide for high quality construction , and more structural integrity than the typical onsite (stick built) construction. This is the result of an average of 30% more lumber used in a modular building and the building methods and engineering requirements to have each module be completely intact once set in place.

This is the second project of the Cohousing Development Company.

The web site is
Nick Meima

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