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Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 10:05:42 -0800 (PST)
I certainly defer to Joani Blank, who did a definitive study on meal systems and
wrote it up for the cohousing magazine.  (Perhaps someone can tell how to access
that article.  Joani, are you out there?).  My only caveat is that Joani
strongly recommends one system that she claims has worked best, based on the
research and feedback from cohousing communities.  And she may be right.
However, I tend to be against "one fits all" systems, since all communities are
a bit different.  And her system is difficult to implement in communities that
have already been around a while.  However, for brand new ones, this may be the
way to go. So check it out.
Anna Amato
Takoma Village
Washington, DC

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We're in the midst of similar meal-related planning at Stone Curves cohousing
in Tucson, AZ, and will look forward to any other ideas or suggestions that
appear on the list serve.  We'll post our findings as well as they come up.

Dan and Gina Kruse
Tucson, AZ
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