Re: Do we need two lists?
From: AB Jurkiewicz (
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2005 06:10:18 -0800 (PST)
I read the letters from this list from 2 or 3 years
(almost  everyday and practically all) and
I like this list because of its daily problems feeling
in spite we are in the coho-like project
which is closer to the beginnning then to the end.

For me reorganizing it could be more helpful,
as the subjects (especially for the "Re" posts )
are not always closely related to the real content.
And sometimes old problems are
discuted using new subjects.

In my previous e-mail client program
I used a lot of filters to categorize the letters
into about 10-15 categories
but now I use a new and creating all the filters...

Is it possible to use only a few predefined subjects in letters
using main group and special topic
(like "Commonhouse - design", "Commonhouse -  meals",
"Decision making process - consensus",
"Decision making process - sociocracy",
"Decision making process - board", etc. )
and make it necessary to ask the list manager
for adding a new subject to the list?

Or even to segregate current archives this way
(I do not believe if anybody will have the time for this
- just asking ;)?

We do not use attachements.
Is it possible to
add and use some common place for
coho documents (CRC's, statuses, etc. )
possibly in the

Of course I have used archive searchers but for example
when I was interested in cohousers approach to
"Christian cohousing" there was the same problem
as in google - too many persons
have the first name Christian ;)

Greetings from Poland,
Bartek Jurkiewicz

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