Re: peak oil preparations?
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Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 14:50:33 -0700 (PDT)
Hi folks,

Info from Harvey Baker (harvey [at] via FIC:

Community Service, Inc. of Yellow Springs, Ohio, will be putting on its second conference on Peak Oil and Community Solutions to the coming energy shortages/transitions to a more sustainable culture. Their conference will be Friday eve Sept 23rd to Sunday aft, Sept 25th, 2005. More info on last year's conference and talks is at <>

They are still looking for potential speakers for the community component (they have apparently pretty well lined up the peak oil folks.) Anyone interested in providing them with a community solutions plenary talk should contact them directly. The best email address I can find off the bat is <info [at]>. Or you can call them toll free at 866-767-2161. There were over 200 attendees last year, and it's likely that the next one will be at least as large.

I just talked about this topic with a friend last night and he is convinced that the next stage after existing oil reserves are used up will be a switch to refining oil from coal, which will be a very dirty industry (terrible for climate change) and will cost more than our oil costs now, but he thinks this will happen anyway, based on the experience of South Africa and Nazi Germany which did that when they were cut off from world oil imports.

Aside from that, as a communitarian he's planning on submitting a proposal to the CSI conference listed above to offer a talk on how creating good systems for sharing is a key response to the situation. Like Rob said.

Here in Eugene a group calling itself "Permatopia" (many people in the group are permaculture gardening enthusiasts, we have an active permaculture guild here) has been meeting regularly to explore positive, community-based solutions to a possible peak oil crash, including possibly forming more intentional communities, increasing local food security, and more.




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