Re: Shadowlake Village Resident research project
From: Martin Sheehy (
Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2006 19:13:29 -0800 (PST)
I must say that I am always suspicious of persons who ' propose ' themselves 
for anything. I will assume that the position is honarary & carries with it no 
real authority? Viz. Shd. Ms. Morris not like a survey/research/study, she 
would have no ability whatsoever to ' squash it '?
  As most of you well know, and as I as a physician-executive know, there is 
much needed research that is NOT conducted as ' powers that be ' don't wnat to 
know the answers; equally, there are research results that are 
unpalatable/unfavorable, and not infrequently such results are ' shelved ', 
never to see the light of day.
  Lisa, Go for your study, paying no heed to ' appointed ' monitorers.
  Marty :-)

Craig Ragland <craigragland [at]> wrote:
  Lisa, in February, the Cohousing Assoc. of the U.S. (Coho/US) accepted a
proposal from Betsy Morris, Ph.D., a resident of Berkeley Cohousing, to be
its Research Director. One of Betsy's goals is to help coordinate research
efforts so as to help minimize the impact of multiple researchers conducting
multiple surveys, interviews, etc.

As you point out, the cumulative level of interest amongst researchers and
the press is quite the phenomena and is becoming daunting for some. I expect
Betsy will be in touch with you soon.

Craig (writing as Coho/US Board member)

On 3/21/06, Lisa Poley wrote:
> I know that many cohousers already feel studied to death and would just
> like to be left in peace to live their lives thank you, without being
> constantly poked and prodded by pesky researchers.
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