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Date: Tue, 4 Apr 2006 09:58:51 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Ken, 

Virginia Tech now requires students to submit electronic versions of their
theses and dissertations - so mine will be available this way and my
understanding is that I can provide links to the on-line version on websites
such as the US Coho Association website and others that might be interested
- but I will verify to make sure this is 'legal'.  

Thanks for the response! I share your hopes.

Best regards, 


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> David - thanks much for your comments. And thanks to all who have
> responded.
> ....
> I despair at becoming the stereotypical ham-fisted, take-the-data and
> run researcher who feels no obligation to participants. My commitment
> is to be responsive and to share results (as desired) with
> participants and the larger national cohousing community.  As a
> long-time cohouser I am keenly interested in serving the larger
> national discussion about cohousing. I believe that academic studies
> are an important part of this.  As it stands, my research has tuned
> up relatively few doctoral level studies of cohousing. Most of the
> existing academic studies appear to be at the masters level and focus
> rather heavily on design elements. I do think this study is venturing
> into territory that begs for more formal inquiry and has potential to
> benefit the larger cohousing movement.

Lisa, would you be able to put your research on the web somewhere?  I
understand that a university can put limitations on dissertation and
theses authors.  I would think that this would be the best way to make
it available to the public.  Who knows what a university policy might
stipulate though.

My hope is that city planners and zoning boards might be able
to use research such as yours to enlighten themselves to alternatives to
traditional societal hamburger.

> I welcome discussion with those who have questions or criticism about
> any aspect of this study. My guess is that the larger membership of
> the CL may not be terribly interested in that discussion though - so
> I hope it can be engaged one-on-one. Please feel free to contact me
> directly by phone or email with your feedback.
> Best regards, 
> Lisa Poley
> lpoley [at]
> 540-951-7717
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