Too much Cohousing-L email? Try C-L-Summary
From: Fred H Olson (
Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2006 08:38:54 -0700 (PDT)
Between Wed 5/31 and Wed 6/7 there were 113 Cohousing-L messages -
over twice the average of about 50 / per week (range 10-115).

The main reason people unsubscribe is because the number of messages is
more than they can handle.

There are a number of ways to read cohousing-L discussion with varying
amounts of email:

1) regular cohousing-L sub - each message sent individually (average
                             50 messages per week)
2) digest  cohousing-L sub - usually one message per day containing
                             day's messages
3) C-L Summary list - 1 short message PER WEEK with list of message
             subjects and posters.  Read selected messages via the web.
5) Simply browse the messages via the web periodically

Most subscribers use digest mode tho it is harder to reply appropriately
(most of quoted digest should be deleted and the subject line must be
restored).  To set digest mode go to the Cohousing-L Info page via:

*******  C-L SUMMARY Weekly mailings  *******

The Cohousing-L summary mailing list (C-L-sum) is the most recently added
option. This separate list sends one message per week with a summary
of the week's activity and serves as a reminder that messages themselves
can be read via with ones web browser.
To see a sample summary go to

I expect C-L-sum subscribers will not get messages Cohousing-L messages
via email - that is they will not be subscribed to cohousing-L or
preferably will have a NO MAIL MODE subscription to Cohousing-L.  (The
latter allows them to post to cohousing-L most easily.  Replying to
Cohousing-L posts appropriately in this case must be done by starting a
new message on the same subject and maybe copy and pasting a selected
quote from the message on the web.)

For more information about C-L-Sum and links to subscribe, go to:

Getting assistance.

Forms to subscribe and set mail modes etc can be confusing, tho I'd prefer
people make changes themselves if they can, I am happy to assist with
setting up no mail mode subs, unsubscribing folks etc.
Email subscription help requests to Fred:  fholson [at]

I.E. DO NOT send subscription help requests to cohousing-L [at]

If done , such messages go to all other subscribers and are annoying.

Fred, listserv manager

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