Re: Research database?
From: ken (
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 11:50:40 -0700 (PDT)
Anthea Guinness wrote:
> We have been doing a lot of research on cohousing communities,
> organic gardening, permaculture, hybrid housing, etc., towards
> developing one or more coho communities. Has anyone got a simple
> solution for organizing that kind of research on computer? Ideally,
> we need to be able to pull together scattered references to a variety
> of topics we've got notes on. Any suggestions would be much
> appreciated! Anthea

If there's a *lot* of information, then there's probably not going to be
any *simple* solution.  But the simplest I can think of at the moment
would be to type it all into <>.  There you can link from
one topic to another.  There's also already a structure in place.
You'll have someone else maintaining the computer for you.  You'll have
the world community for an audience.  And, research being research,
you'll probably be adding more to it as the years go on.  On wikipedia
you can do this, but others could do it also.  It's even possible that
other contributors there would translate your work into other languages.


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