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Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 15:02:26 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Lynn,
Here at Takoma Village in Washington D.C, we do a similar thing for childcare as
Terri's community does.
All membership meetings have paid childcare, and workdays usually have a half
day of paid childcare.

We have one woman, a saint named Rosie, who does it and she is supplemented by
one volunteer community member.  (Usually for a 2 hour meeting, we have one
volunteer for the first hour and another for the second.)  That is for children
under the age of 6.  Occasionally, for those 7 and above, a volunteer community
member may take those children for an outing (such as the movies, the pool or
the zoo.) during a workday.   That member is reimbursed for any expenses
incurred from the same budget line.

The cost is included in our annual budget. Regarding risk, Rosie is paid
personally by one of members, who is reimbursed by us.
After some problems and back and forth in our early years, this has been working
quite well now for a couple of years.

Anna Amato
Takoma Village Cohousing
"The same place that Sharon Villines and Ann Zabaldo live."

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  we initially used only volunteer childcare, till it became apparent that
wouldn't work when we really wanted maximum participation from most adults, and
that not all adults in community were comfortable taking their turn at it.

  Now childcare for meeting is part of our executive committee budget yearly. We
calculate how much it will cost for approx 10-12 two hour meetings a year and
ask for that yearly. We pay the childcare person a good wage, so usually even on
weekends we have been able to get good people. We have not considered any legal
ramifications (surprising since my community is big on avoiding risk) thus far
of the providers not being licensed and bonded, possibly because the kids are
always right next to us in the common house.

  Pleasant Hill Coho
  Bay Area-CA
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